Genuine Leather

GARIZ products made of the finest green leather

All products of GARIZ are produced using vegetable leather directly imported from tanneries that are members of the CONSORZIO VERA PELLE ITALIANA CONCIATA AL VEGETALE in Italy. Vegetable leather is produced in an environment-friendly yet traditional method to minimize any adverse impact it would have on the environment and mankind while maintaining the natural beauty of leather.

No artificial treatments have been done on the surface of the leather, which leads to variances in the wrinkles, colors and texture of the surface and makes it more vulnerable to scratches but with use over time, the unique texture of natural leather comes out with natural tanning. The natural wear thus recreates the beauty of the leather. 

The process of making vegetable leather

How to Care for your Vegetable leather products

Vegetable leather is processed with minimal artificial painting work. Careful maintenance is recommended for the vegetable leather products to have a longer useful life.

Use a soft brush or cloth to remove dust from the leather.

Use a special cleaner for leather to remove contamination from the surface.

The best way to treat scratches on the leather surface is to rub the scratched area with wax for leather products.

If you do not have wax for leather products readily available, gently rub facial cream onto the surface. This may help improve the look of the scratched area.

If the leather has been exposed to snow or rain, remove water from the surface using a dry cloth and dry the leather away from direct sunlight, where there is sufficient ventilation.

Please avoid using hair dryers, heating devices or direct sunlight to dry the leather as this may lead to disfiguration or discoloring of the leather product.

The finest microfiber material, Alcantara

The interior of GARIZ is made of Alcatara fabric which is the finest microfiber material. Alcantara is similar to a soft texture, which is sometimes confused with suede, but it has a stark difference. Alcantara is chemically based on chemicals such as polyester and polyurethane, and has a strong resistance to water, a weakness of suede. It is also lightweight, durable and heat-resistant, and is used as sheet material for F1 machines.